Combined cycle power Khorramshahr
Khorramshahr Combined Cycle Power Plant is situated in Arvand Free Zone, 8th km of Khorramshahr- Ahvaz road (Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS) Road). Construction and operation of the plant with BOO method is in progress. The construction of the first phase of this project, that includes 6 gas turbine units with a capacity of 972 MW, started in June 2007 in an official ceremony with the presence of energy minister of the time, Mr. Fattah. According to the planned schedule, and after a short period of time, the project progressed with a remarkable speed, so that the first unit of the power plant could enter the circuit in March 2009. Typically, a 24-month period of time is needed for launching a gas unit. Regarding the environmental conditions of the area and need for doing additional tasks, such as clearing the land from implements of war and piling, synchronization of the first gas unit of Khorramshahr project in 21 months is considered to be a unique record in its kind, compared with other projects. Other units of the plant joined the network with a few months interval after the first unit, too. The type of gas turbines is V94.2, licensed by Siemens of Germany; the capacity of each unit is 162 MW. The main fuel consumed in the plant is natural gas, and its backup fuel is gas oil, which is stored in three tanks, each with a capacity of 20,000 cubic meters. At present, all of the plant's 6 gas units are in operation.
Gas units of Khorramshahr Power Plant is of type V94.2 version 5 which were constructed by MAPNA as EPC contractor, in the first and second phases. Each gas unit consists of three main parts: turbine/ compressor, generator and main transformer. Like other energy conversion systems and power plant units, there exists a lot of auxiliary equipment for controlling, fueling and cooling, as well as electrical installations, generator excitation system, etc., apart from main parts mentioned above.
The main fuel consumed in the plant is natural gas, and gas oil is used as backup fuel, if necessary. The following table summarizes the technical specifications of the fuel used in the plant: