Gas power plant in Chabahar
Chabahar Gas Power Plant is located in 15th km of Chabahar- iranshahr road, in an area of about 80 hectares. Saba Group purchased this plant from Privatization Organization in early 2013, and it consists of four GEF5-type gas units with a nominal capacity of 25 MW and two v94.2-type gas units with a nominal capacity of 157.5 MW at ISO conditions. Total sum of installed power capacity of the plant is 415 MW. It should be said that the plant is situated at the end point of the National Power Grid, and plays an effective role in enhancing the stability, frequency control, and voltage control in the grid.
Gas units of Chabahar Power Plant are of two types: GE-F5 and V94.2. Two units out of F5 units have been constructed by AEG, and two of them by Alstom; besides, two V94.2 units have been constructed by MAPNA as an EPC contractor. It should be noted that small F5 units have already been operating in a different location, and it was in 2008 that they were moved to Chabahar Power Plant. Each gas unit consists of three main parts: turbine/ compressor, generator and main transformer. Like other energy conversion systems and power plant units, there exists a lot of auxiliary equipment for controlling, fueling and cooling, as well as electrical installations, generator excitation system, etc., apart from main parts mentioned above.
Units of Chabahar Power Plant are capable of working with both kinds of fuels, gas (as main fuel) and gas oil (as backup fuel). However, regarding the fact that operation with main fuel is not possible at the present time, the plant operates using backup fuel (gas oil). With the completion of natural gas pipeline in the near future, it will be possible to operate the plant with the main fuel, too.